Saint John N.B. Canada Area Coupon Swappers

Saint John N.B. Canada Area Coupon Swappers

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Is this how Sobeys appreciates their customers?

I want to know why my reward miles can not be transferred to my air miles cash? I have 1492 reward miles that are useless to me because there is nothing that I can buy with them. This is unacceptable. You do not appreciate your customers & the money we spend @ your store. What good is reward miles if there is nothing that I want to buy. I do not want material things I want cash miles buy groceries with to feed my family. I spend my hard earned money @ your store & deserve to be treated fairly. Not allowing reward miles to be transferred to cash miles to buy groceries is not treating your customers fairly & is unexceptionable especially when people are struggling to feed their families. This needs to be addressed & corrected. Not acceptable at all! Not a happy customer!

My reply to what they told me:
I was not told about any gift cards and certificates. I honestly do not understand what you are trying to say except I think that you are saying that all the money that I have spent & the points that I have redeemed are useless unless I want to buy a materiel thing in witch I do not have enough points for & probably wouldn't have enough points to buy even if i was 99 years old because i was just on the site & you basically have to be a millionaire to afford any of the air miles rewards. Vary frustrating just finally got my card switched & it is still useless to me. I am so not a happy camper. I have had my card since 2001 & I think it would of been easier to throw it in the garbage & gotten a new one when the cash rewards started at least the money that I spent since the cash rewards started wouldn't have been for nothing. Way too confusing & just plain irritating to say the least!

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