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Saint John N.B. Canada Area Coupon Swappers

Friday, March 27, 2015

How To Organize Your Reward Cards

Rewards Cards, we all have them. If you like me you have so many of them that it constantly breaking the zipper on you wallets...grrr

You don't want to take any out of your wallet because if you do that will be when you go to a store to buy something & you get to the cash checkout & remember I don't have my rewards card...So there points that you loose out on!

Well some of the stores have been giving out little rewards cards that you can put on your key chain. Awesome, I love these & wish all the stores would do this but they don't. So I came up with the idea to get a hole puncher & punch a hole into them & put them on a ring. This would definitely solve my problem. So i bought a hole puncher & tried it on the first card. Well it put a indent of the circle of the hole puncher but it didn't put the hole through the card :( What it did do was end my new dollar store hole puncher :(

So I did some searching on google my favorite search engine & there is a video of a girl using a paper clip & heating it up to make a hole but that wouldn't make a big enough hole so this is what I did.

Hole puncher (I got mine from the dollar store)
Binder Rings (I got a package of 8 from the dollar store)
Rewards Cards

1st Remove the tab on the hole puncher so it doesn't dig into your cards when your putting the hole in them.

Tip: When your putting the holes in the cards do in in the spot where it isn't going to interfere with the numbers on your cards or the bar codes.

Light the candle

Hold the part of the hole punch that would poke through the card under the candle for about 20 seconds.

Poke hole through the card by squeezing the hole punch & twisting back & forth. You may have to repeat this twice for the hole to go through.

Use the first card you do as the guide for the rest of your cards. That's it!

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