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Saint John N.B. Canada Area Coupon Swappers

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Bell Aliant Alternatives

New Brunswickers have a hard enough time trying to keep up with bills & buying food with our low paying jobs & high taxes. My last pay they took $281.05 out for taxes. I only brought home $633.91 for a two weeks pay.  It not worth it to work overtime bc the government takes basically all of it for taxes. And you wonder why so many are on social assistance. It is literally impossible to get ahead or make ends meet when you have bills to pay, food to buy, kids to feed & keep a roof over your head plus try to keep the hydro on. Plus the car expenses & high gas prices when you do not live in a bus route area.

Did you know that every time bell aliant disconnects your internet for being behind on your bill they are charging you $60 for that modem on your next bill. 

So if you are disconnected & are not able to pay the bill right away to get hooked back up they slap a $60 charge for the modem. Then when you get it hooked back up & using the same modem if you get disconnected again they charge you for that same modem they already charged you for another $60 & so on. They will keep doing this unless you notice.

Wonder why you are behind in your phone & internet bill? Probably because they are over charging you for there service. Then when they temporarily disconnect you they charge you that extra modem fee. I almost forgot about the reoccurring hook up charge.

I finally after 28 years of being a bell alient or back in the day it was known as nbtel customer disconnected them instead of them disconnecting me & I will never go back to them after 28 years of them ripping me off. They do not attempt to send you any return bag to send the modem back even when you ask them to do so. I disconnected them on June 6, 2018 & asked them to send me a return bag & they said they didn’t do that any more that they would just send me a label & to put it in any box with the label & bring it to staples. Well it is June 28, 2018 & I still have not received my return label but how ever I did receive a bill from bell aliant with a modem charge of $60. Go figure!

I finally found a alternative to bell aliant I had to buy my modem & box for digital phone for $230 but now I only have to pay $66 a month for dry loop high speed internet & a digital phone through:

  • There is also another company you can go with teksavvy for just 41.95 month for just high speed dry loop internet $41.95/per month

You do have to buy the modem from them. Check it out on there site: 

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